FormatsSailBlue® and AdBlue® tailored to you

SailBlue® AUS40 and AdBlue® is available for all types of marine applications.


SailBlue® AUS40 and AdBlue® AUS32 are available in a wide variety of formats for marinas. Ranging from individual bottles for retail sale up to 1000-liter IBC containers and bulk tanker truck loads for delivery direct to vessels.


SailBlue® AUS40 and AdBlue® AUS32 can be delivered to yachts in 1000-litre IBC containers or via tanker truck delivery for pumping directly to the yacht, providing hassle-free service options while at port.

Cruises and Container Ships

For large volumes and needs, SailBlue® AUS40, AdBlue® AUS32 and SOx reduction agents are available for large scale distribution delivered by tankers or 1000-litre IBC containers for cruises and container ships while at port.

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