Comercial Godó40 sustainable years moving forward

Comercial Godó with roots in Barcelona, offers over 500 chemical products and solutions. Over its 50 years of history, Comercial Godó has accompanied the industry in its evolution of searching for new solutions respecting the environment.

As a result of these changes, Comercial Godó is constantly researching and developing products and solutions across a broad range of sectors in the chemical industry.  

Since 2015, Comercial Godó has played an important role in the automotive sector with its production of fully licensed AdBlue® AUS32 (licensed worldwide for production, distribution and sales). 

The constant advances in Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems for emission reduction in diesel applications has led Comercial Godó to developed new forms of operation and production to guarantee the maximum quality of its product.

SailBlue® is the result of these advances applied to the marine industry.  Comercial Godó applies its experience and knowledge to the marine sector.

SailBlue® has been developed to provide an effective, non-hazardous solution.

Within the ISO 9001 management system, we guarantee continuous quality management and control in all processes and products.

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