SailBlue® AUS40 is a high-purity solution manufactured to the precise specifications of new generation vessels, cruise ships and yachts with marine SCR (selective catalytic reduction) technology capable of reducing up to 95% of NOx emissions while improving fuel economy up to 5%.

The use of a NOx (nitrous oxide) reduction agent is increasingly vital in the global fight against global contamination.

Emission Control Areas (ECAs) have been established in key regions across the world where it is prohibited to navigate without complying to strict emission measures.

ISO 18611 is part of a global plan to combat the worldwide contamination of pollution in the atmosphere caused by diesel motors.

SailBlue® AUS40 fulfills the quality standards marked by the ISO 18611 for marine diesel engines to reduce emissions.

SailBlue® AUS40 is a non-toxic, non-flammable solution designed to mark a new era in emissions standards laid out by the following organizations and regulations:

Petroleum Institute




Stage V Euro

EPA level IV

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